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Alligator:  Symbolic of survival instincts, strength, confidence, and wisdom.


Bear:  The primary meaning is strength and confidence, to stand against diversity and take action.  The spirit of the bear indicates it is time for healing yourself or helping others to heal.  


Bee:  Symbolic of the everyday miracles, community, teamwork, productivity, achieving your goals.


Bull: Symbolic of masculinity, strength, power, unpredictability, provision, helpfulness, and confidence.


Butterfly: The primary meaning is change and transformation. It can also symbolize renewal/ rebirth as well as elevation of earthly matters to emotional or spiritual.  Another meaning is symbolizing finding joy in life and lightness of being.


Camel: Symbolic of endurance, strength, persistence, sacrifice, and patience.


Cat: A large meaning revolving around the cat is the balance between opposites (inner/ outer, action/rest, light/ dark, etc.)  The cat can also symbolize patience, independence, adventure, connection with self, curiousity, and healing.


Crow: Symbolic of life magic, mystery, intelligence, manipulation, and adaptability.  Traditionally, the crow also symbolized a bad omen, death, and dark witchcraft and the void.


Dog: Symbolic of loyalty, faitfulness, protection, trust, unconditional love, and playfulness.


Dolphin:  Symbolic of peace and harmony, protection, playfulness, resurrection, inner strength, and cooperation.


Dragon: The dragon is symbolic of primordial power and mastering all the elements.  It can also symbolize change and transformation, wisdom, metaphysical knowledge, inspiration, beauty, protection,  personal happiness, and insight.


Dragonfly: Similar to the butterfly, the dragonfly means change and transformation, and lightness of being.  The dragonfly also symbolizes the realm of emotions, being on the lookout for illusions and deceits, and connection with nature's spirits and fairies.


Elephant: Symbolic of strength and power, intelligence, patience, and perseverance, honor and integrity, reliability, and gentleness.


Eagle: Most frequently associated with wisdom and freedom it can also symbolize intuition, creativity, strength, hope, healing, vision, and sexual power.


Frog: The frog is associated with water and symbolizes cleansing, renewal, fertility, transformation, and ancient wisdom.


Hedgehog: Symbolic of energy, defensiveness, protection, fertility, intuition, psychic abilities and visions, intelligence, uniqueness, curiosity, and endurance.


Hippopotamus: Symbolic of creativity, freedom, proper use of aggression, practicality, and stability. This spirit animal helps you stay grounded.


Horse: symbolic of strong emotions, passionate desires, masculine energy, and a balance between the instinctive and tamed part of your personality.


Hummingbird: Symbolic of the miracle of life, perserverance, independence, living in the moment, embracing life with joy and playfulness.


Lion: Symbolic of strength, assertiveness, and personal power.  It can also symbolize predatory feelings like anger or aggression and the personal struggle to deal with these feelings.


Manatee: Symbolic of the need to take life at a slower pace and gracefully move on to the next stage.  It is also symbolic of simplifying your life and leading a more simplistic life.  The manatee encourages to trust people and be open which will attract more luck and prosperity in your life.


Moose: Symbolic of self -esteem and ocnfidence, conquering fears, strength, power, perseverance and endurance, and grace.


Octopus: Symbolic of purity, creativity, inspiration, psychic strength, flexibility, and grace


Orca: Symbolic of community, camaraderie, loyalty, longevity, leadership, and teamwork.


Owl: Symbolic of intuition, wisdom, the capacity to see beyonf deceit.  The presence of an owl announces change and traditionally, it was an announcer of death, but more in the sense of the death tarot card which symbolizes a major change.


Pegasus: Symbolic of freedom, living without restraints, being yourself, possibility, and happiness.


Penguin: Symbolic of community and togetherness, endurance, purpose, order, determination, patience, and self-discipline.


Rabbit: Symbolic of fertility, abundance and wealth, creativity, spontaneity, and fear or anxiety.


Raccoon: Symbolic of curiosity, intelligence, courage, assertiveness, adaptability, disguise, and self defense.


Raven: The raven is sometimes called "the keeper of secrets" and encourages us to dive deeper and look within to see answers to put change in to motion.  The messages might be difficult, but help us grow.  The raven can also be symbolic for courage, magic, healing, creation, rebirth, finding the light within darkness, sexuality, eloquence, and power of thought.


Shark: Symbolic of power, superiority, authority, trusting instincts, and observation.  The shark can be symbolic of ruthlessness when what you deisre is on the line, but it also stands for patience and self-restraint.


Snake: Symbolic of healing, transformation, primal energy, and spiritual guidance.


Spider: Symbolic of patience, feminine energy, creativity, weaver of fate, and the shadow self.


Tiger: Symbolic of personal strength, willpower, unpredictability, the shadow self, and aggression or anger.


Turtle: The turtle often is characterized by representing the earth.  Symbolic of the ability to stay grounded, slowing down and pacing yourself, determination and persistence, emotional strength, and ancient wisdom.


Walrus: Symbolic of a gentle nature, obedience, family, consistency and reliability.


Whale: The whale is commonly associated with emotion, inner truth, and creativity.  The whale also symbolizes wisdom, physical and emotional healing, family and community, communication. and emotional rebirth.


Wolf: Symbolic of sharp intelligence, connection with instincts,  appetite for freedom, and a lack of trust in someone or yourself.


Unicorn: Symbolic of magic, elusiveness, elegance, and popularity.

Spirit Animal Meanings

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