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Krystina Yeager is a true Florida native, born and raised in Palm Harbor, Florida. Growing up in the Tampa Bay area, she found tranquility through creative arts as a means of self exploration and expression.

Krystina has always had a love an fascination with magic.  When she was a child, her favorite thing to do on the playground was looking for fairies among the trees and flowers.  She grew up a part of the Harry Potter and was devastated when she didn't receive her Hogwarts acceptance letter.  She fell in love with the enchanting world of The Lord of the Rings, even writing her college thesis on how it related to fairy tales, and wished that Middle Earth was a place that she could go to on vacation.  Then she realized that magic was not a tangible thing, but something that was always around and within her and everything else.  

After working a variety of jobs and positions, she got married and had her first child. Seizing the opportunity for a new direction in life, she launched The Whimsical Witch - taking her (witch) craft capabilities to the public in the Fall of 2018.

Who is the Whimsical Witch?

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