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Tarot Card Candles
Tarot Card Candles
These candles are named after different tarot cards and are made with intention in mind. Each has a unique blend of essential oils, herbs, and crystals. Currently available in: The Moon: Great for banishing things that no longer serve you. Light with an intention in mind preferably on the full moon. Death: Great for new beginnings and manifesting things that you feel should be brought to you. Light with an intention in mind, preferable on the new moon. The Star: Great for wish manifestation. They even have dandelion seeds on top. Close your eyes, make a wish, and stay positive. The Lovers: Great for manifestation of love and opening yourself up to new romantic endeavors. It is not recommended to light this candle with a specific person in mind, as that tends to backfire. The Hermit: Great for meditation, clearing your mind, and going on a soul journey. The Magician: Great for if you are feeling stagnant and wish for a change in your life. It is recommended to light this candle when the moon is waxing. The Empress: Great for fertility rituals. If you are trying to conceive, it is recommended to meditate and clear your mind beforehand with this candle lit. Wheel of Fortune: Great for abundance. This candle can be lit when finances are tight or before a job interview for money manifestations.